Miss Independent

Three is proving to be a challenging age. Sam has a mind of her own and is not afraid to express it. But I love that she’s spunky and not a shy little wallflower like I was as a kid. She’s perfecting her negotiation skills in determined attempts to eat cookies for breakfast and wear her underwear on her head to school. Don’t worry, I don’t let her do either. Usually. Her most used phrase lately is “I can do it MYSELF mommy”, and she says it with such conviction. I hope she keeps that confidence but channels it wisely.



2 thoughts on “Miss Independent

  1. I love kids with their own personailty, makes life more fun and makes kids more well rounded. chip of the block.

  2. I can relate. My three year old tried to convince me that ice cream would be good for breakfast. She explained to me that because there is milk in it, it would make her big and strong. She had a good point. So great when kids have their own unique personalities.

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