Go to bed me

Why am I watching baseball? World Series or not, Game 6 or not, I’m not a big fan of baseball. In person games are pretty fun for that whole ballpark atmosphere, and the hot dogs. But for some reason I’m watching the game and am kinda enjoying it. Did my workout tonight and tomorrow I’ll get a good run in before errands and all the … Continue reading Go to bed me

Monday, 10/24/11

Day 5 of The Stomach Virus of 2011. I stayed home with kiddo today and thankfully, she was much better. Little monkey is going back to school tomorrow unless there is a turn for the worse. In which case The Accountant is staying home because mommy has got to get out of this house for an extended period of time and I’m sure my workplace … Continue reading Monday, 10/24/11

the most boring post ever

Oy, what a weekend. Kiddo has been sick with stomach virus thing since Thursday. I’ll be staying home with her again tomorrow. Luckily, she seems to feel ok in between episodes and is eating and drinking fine. A call to the pediatrician yielded the usual advice of clear liquids, wash hands constantly, bland diet, it should pass within 7 to 10 days, etc. I’m crossing … Continue reading the most boring post ever

No, I do not want an elephant. But thanks for asking.

The scene: Target $1 section. Surrounded by rubber snakes, plastic pumpkins and random pairs of socks with cartoon characters on them. Mommy: “Ok, you can pick out ONE toy from this section.” Kiddo: “I want TWO elephants.” (plastic elephant toys that make the most annoying elephant trumpeting sound ever. Not that there is such thing as a pleasant elephant trumpeting sound). Mommy: “No, you can … Continue reading No, I do not want an elephant. But thanks for asking.

these legs don’t sleep, they party

Like nursing home residents party. As in with leg cramps, aches, stiffness and joint pain. Yes, I’m up at 2 am with the new initiative, “Candy for Pee” (more on that another time, lets just call it an incentive program for nighttime potty training for now shall we?) and my soon to be 36 year old aching gams. I’m going to just pretend that it’s … Continue reading these legs don’t sleep, they party

A day at the pumpkin patch

I’m thinking a trip to the local pumpkin patch will become an October tradition. We took kiddo to one last year and she had a great time. This year we found another one a few miles from our current home and decided to check it out on Saturday. She loved the animals and picking out her pumpkin. Its a cute place, well organized and lots … Continue reading A day at the pumpkin patch