A day at the pumpkin patch

I’m thinking a trip to the local pumpkin patch will become an October tradition.

We took kiddo to one last year and she had a great time. This year we found another one a few miles from our current home and decided to check it out on Saturday.

She loved the animals and picking out her pumpkin. Its a cute place, well organized and lots of different things for kids to see and do.

Sheep shearing demonstrations for instance. I thought this might freak her out a bit since the guy had to wrestle the sheep to get him to cooperate but kiddo took it in stride and casually watched as the sheep became “bald like daddy” before her very eyes.

You can’t fail with a farm animal petting zoo. I’m not sure what’s up with this facial expression but these little piglets sure were cute. The calves were a hit as well as evidenced by kiddo’s repeated “moo”ing at them.

The massive pumpkin below was the prize winner at the State Fair this year. A monstrosity I’d say. I’m not sure what the allure is with these face cut out things but its really more fun for the parents than the kids. And of course, the grand finale, the actual choosing of the pumpkin. Which will probably sit on the counter until we notice a weird smell and throw it out. But who knows, maybe someone will get adventurous and carve it.


One thought on “A day at the pumpkin patch

  1. Sooo cute… we have a bunch of farms here but hardly ever go to them. Kerouac works at a vegetable & flower farm so he almost never wants to go to one for fun. But I do love the animal kind.

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