No, I do not want an elephant. But thanks for asking.

The scene: Target $1 section. Surrounded by rubber snakes, plastic pumpkins and random pairs of socks with cartoon characters on them.

Mommy: “Ok, you can pick out ONE toy from this section.”

Kiddo: “I want TWO elephants.” (plastic elephant toys that make the most annoying elephant trumpeting sound ever. Not that there is such thing as a pleasant elephant trumpeting sound).

Mommy: “No, you can have ONE elephant or NO elephants. Suck it up. ” (Ok, so I didn’t say the suck it up part but in my head I add colorful side notes to these conversations with her on a regular basis).

Kiddo: Puts on her “thinking face”. This expression consists of a dramatic smirk with eyes averted upward and to the side. When the “thinking face” is activated this means she is concocting some sort of preschool diabolical plan to outsmart me. So far, she has been unsuccessful but its only a matter of time people, only a matter of time.

Kiddo: “Mommy? Do you want an elephant too?”

Mommy: a bit taken aback at her offspring’s calculated thought process and clever attempt to, in fact, get TWO elephants into her unwitting mommy’s shopping cart instead of just one.

Mommy: “Kid, you are too smart for your own good. But no thank you, I am not particularly in need of a noisy plastic elephant at this time. Put one back before you and I have a serious throw down in the $1 aisle.”

Score? Mommy, 0 elephants. Kiddo, 1 elephant. Mommy wins again, but the game has gotten a bit more challenging it seems.

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