Monday, 10/24/11

Day 5 of The Stomach Virus of 2011. I stayed home with kiddo today and thankfully, she was much better. Little monkey is going back to school tomorrow unless there is a turn for the worse. In which case The Accountant is staying home because mommy has got to get out of this house for an extended period of time and I’m sure my workplace would appreciate my presence. And lets face it, the kid and I are kind of sick of each other. We did get brave and venture out to the grocery store this morning just to see some other humans.

The Accountant got home early and I got a 4+ mile run in this afternoon. Its such a stress reliever, even if I am still super slow. I’m looking forward to another good one tomorrow after work.

I’m currently surrounded by a sea of Barbies and there is a rotation of Bubble Guppies and Dora playing on the TV. I’m ready for kiddo’s bedtime so I can eliminate Barbie-geddon and do something 35-year-oldish.

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