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Go to bed me

27 Oct

Why am I watching baseball? World Series or not, Game 6 or not, I’m not a big fan of baseball. In person games are pretty fun for that whole ballpark atmosphere, and the hot dogs. But for some reason I’m watching the game and am kinda enjoying it.

Did my workout tonight and tomorrow I’ll get a good run in before errands and all the stuff you do on your day off. Like make spider costumes. Right now I’m hungry but it’s too late to eat. Maybe I’ll dream about cupcakes or something.


Tis Thursday

27 Oct

I think I just cracked my jaw trying to bite into a Granny Smith apple. Ouch.

Tomorrow I will attempt to make a spider costume by hand. This will go either very well or quite badly. Good thing we have a leftover pirate outfit and a fairy princess dress in the closet for potential backup costumes.

Yum, this apple is making me want some green apple Jolly Ranchers. Is that not the best hard candy ever? My jawbone appears to be intact by the way. Ignore the loud popping noises.

It’s rainy and chilly today. But the leaves are turning beautifully and I can wear cozy sweaters, cute hats and bulky boots. And scarves! I love scarves! Random happening of the day: I drove to the roof of my parking garage hoping to snap a good picture of the trees but I couldn’t get the shot I wanted and I ended up getting lost turned around in the garage. So that was fun.

Last night I did Day 1 of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I hate that lady. I mean, she’s awesome in a brutal I am going to kill you before you even know what is happening kind of way. I cannot seem to do a push up properly. Even from the knees. Will go for it again tonight. It’s invigorating to say the least. Tomorrow will be a running day. You’d think with all this exercising I do that I would be skinny. But its the food that gets me. The sweets and the salty and the carbs. And with the holidays coming up, what hope do we dieters have? Ah well. Just gotta keep moving along I guess.

Kiddo’s latest thing is sitting on the potty, putting a stream of toilet paper on her head and saying “I am the bad princess”. She has also been telling whoever is around to listen that she has “great eyesight” and then naming off the things she can see at the moment. Kids are weird. The Accountant gave her a miniature remote control helicopter yesterday. Its a very simple one and after a few bumps to the ceiling and floor, kiddo kind of started getting the hang of it. Soon they’ll be flying buddies I think.

Dad’s birthday is coming up, on Halloween actually. I have the best present in mind for him but I have to make it. I don’t know why I’m feeling all crafty all of a sudden. Lucky for me, I will have an extra week or two before I deliver this gift o’ fabulousity so I will have time to start finish it.

So sleepy. Make me go to bed before 10 tonight please. Ciao.

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