giving 2011 the boot

This is not exactly how I thought/hoped/plannedĀ  2011 would go out. Meaning, sitting up in bed with a space boot on, listening to my kid tell the dog that he's going into "timeout" for eating toilet paper. Oh well, the best laid plans... No offense to anyone who does this but I hate cheesy New... Continue Reading →

weight and body stuff

I "ran" 5 miles last night for the first time ever. Longest distance at one time so far. I say "ran" because it was very slow and I had to walk some too. But I'll take it regardless. It was pretty hilly considering what I'm used to. And then I did a stupid thing. I... Continue Reading →

2:50 AM

Up with a frantic kiddo doing the pee pee dance which resulted in a trip to the potty with no results. But hey, she tried. Yes, we are still in pull ups at night (her, not me, yet) and honestly, I'm not worrying about it until she's 10 or so. Haha. I know I don't... Continue Reading →

its a fiat i know it

There's a car that always parks in the same space in the internal depths of the parking garage. It is always shrouded in a car cover concealing what must be something pretty special to the owner. I can hardly stand it and every time I walk by I just want to take a peek underneath... Continue Reading →

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