its a fiat i know it

There’s a car that always parks in the same space in the internal depths of the parking garage. It is always shrouded in a car cover concealing what must be something pretty special to the owner. I can hardly stand it and every time I walk by I just want to take a peek underneath to see what the big deal is about this vehicle.

And lets be honest, it also annoys me a little that Mr. or Ms. Fancypants feel the need to shield their car from the rest of us peasants.

But mostly I’m just curious nosy and like to make up adventurous stories about it in my head as I walk by. Its a tiny thing so I’m guessing foreign, maybe antique, some sort of Italian coupe or something equally intriguing.

On second thought, maybe I won’t peek underneath that cover just in case its a beat up old Datsun that will cause incredible disappointment and deflate my glamorous roadster notions.

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