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14 Dec

Up with a frantic kiddo doing the pee pee dance which resulted in a trip to the potty with no results. But hey, she tried. Yes, we are still in pull ups at night (her, not me, yet) and honestly, I’m not worrying about it until she’s 10 or so. Haha.

I know I don’t write here much anymore. Guess I’m too busy living life instead of recording it and that’s ok. Things are good. Life is good. I am blessed and fortunate.

Legs are aching like crazy right now, part of my non-sleeping I’m sure. Although I passed out on top of a puppy pillow pet and a princess dress complete with magic wand from the dollar bin at Target. Comfy really. But back to the leg issue. The running is going great. I’m in training mode for a half marathon in April and am currently just trying to increase mileage and not worry about speed. Which is convenient since I’m pretty slow. But the legs….they ache like growing pains or something. There are a few remedies I can try to see if that helps. I’m old I guess.

Work is good in its weird way. I’m in the midst of planning a pretty big event and being the worrier that I am, its stressing me a bit. But I think I’ve finally found a venue that should work as long as a zillion people don’t show up. But if they do, that would be a success in itself. I need to stop thinking so much and do better at taking charge, making decisions and being more aggressive in a way with this job. That’s a new role for me and is taking some getting used to. My own confidence in my abilities is sometimes fragile.

The holidays are fast approaching and I suppose we are about ready. I did the majority of shopping online this year and I have to say, it was one of my better ideas. Ha. Kiddo is pretty excited about Christmas. The Accountant and I have been leaving her little treats under the tree at random times from Santa. Her excitement is quite entertaining. She’s been doing this sweet thing lately of just as I close her door at bedtime to leave she’ll say “mommy?” I’ll say “yes sweetie?” and she’ll say “I love you mommy”. Good grief it melts me every time.

And now its 3:03 and I’m going to try sleeping.

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