weight and body stuff

I “ran” 5 miles last night for the first time ever. Longest distance at one time so far. I say “ran” because it was very slow and I had to walk some too. But I’ll take it regardless. It was pretty hilly considering what I’m used to. And then I did a stupid thing. I didn’t eat dinner after. Not on purpose, just got busy with kiddo and then passed out by 9:30. While this is not a healthy approach, I am down 5ish pounds for the week so there’s that. Haha.

I’d like to lose 30 pounds. There, I said it. I not-so-secretly anymore want to be tall and well, willowy. I’ve got the tall part down at least.

Isn’t it funny how weight and body image are such relative things? I have friends who are much skinnier than me and I get so annoyed when they complain about being “fat”, because to me they aren’t fat and I’d love to be their size. And then I’m sure there are people who weigh more than I do who think the same about me. So I try to remember that when my tiny friends are moaning about the doughnut they ate this morning that went right to their thighs. And when I say I try to remember that what I really mean is that I only punch them in the face in my mind and not for real. Love you skinny friends!

I remember being the weight I’d like to be right now and STILL not being happy with my body so truth be told, 90% of it is your attitude. Obviously mine is not in the right place since I obsess about it so much. I hate that but it’s true. I was talking to a friend the other day and she said that she is finally content with how she looks. It was a mental change and I’d like to steal it somehow. It seems like such a big leap for me though. I’m not sure how people do that. I guess that goes for more things than just body image too.

I have no answers on this stuff, just thoughts. And I’m about to eat a salad. A willowy-type salad.

Sidenote: Know what bugs me? Typos bug me. Proofreading is good. I’m not a grammar stickler but some things are just stupid. And people who get into the elevator before letting others get off. Those two things for today.

2 thoughts on “weight and body stuff

  1. For real. If I was your size I would walk naked down the frozen food aisle. just sayin. 🙂
    so proud of you, 30 is a great goal. let me know of any way I can encourage and help.

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