I’ve already seen/saw/whatever this HouseHunters episode

Hi. 3am, kiddo just woke me up to go pee. Small victories. However, if she is still doing this when she is 10 I will claw my eyes out.

This guy has weird eyes on HouseHunters. They are like crossed but not really. I can’t stop staring so I’m glad he can’t see me.

Christmas was great and if I were a proper mommy blogger I’d post about it. But I think the moment has passed and we have now entered the post holiday funk. I will just say that Christmases with kiddo keep getting better and better and funner and funner (shut up, I can say “funner” if I want to) and I am a lucky momma.

Except sometimes I don’t feel very good at it. Today was a crap day for me and I’m now wearing a boot on my right foot which I don’t want to talk about. But that meant that I was done with domestic life by about 8pm. My dear sweet patient Accountant took over bedtime duty and he and kiddo had an epic showdown regarding her not staying in bed and getting up multiple times to be retucked in, drink water, wipe her nose, and various other excuses that are really cute the first two times and then quickly become maddening. The Accountant is a very patient man, consistent and persistent. Guess who won the showdown and kiddo finally complied? All that to say that during that fiasco, I stayed out of it and waged that oft fought battle in my head about what a craptastic mom I am and how my kid is going to turn out to be the bratty one in kindergarten but then will probably grow up to be the next white Oprah or something and will tell this story to her children blah blah blah. My head is a fickle place to be.

I didn’t wash off my makeup tonight and my face it itching. I hate that. I also think that I forgot to eat dinner.

Tomorrow is a holiday for my workplace and that means that daycare is also closed. God grant me patience and good balance tomorrow is all I’ll say about that.

2 thoughts on “I’ve already seen/saw/whatever this HouseHunters episode

  1. After seeing the title to this post I had to read – I watch so many of those episodes at those time hours you are awake. Time for some new ones. But I have a new 2:15 am, 2:45 am, or 3:00 am past time – the gym. When my son is off from work for the night he calls on his way home and I meet him at the gym. Working good so far – since I am already awake. Not sure KB knows what she is getting into with him- she is one who needs her sleep.

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