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in which i tell you what’s up

22 Jan

At this very moment I am “stealing” wi-fi from my local Sonic. These days its good business to ask “would you like free wi-fi with your tater tots”.  To be fair, I did buy food here (which I regret now but tomorrow is another day, another pound, so whatever). Kiddo would not take a nap today and I was going stir crazy which translates to me getting snappy with everyone so I’ve made an escape for a little while. Enter Sonic and me hiding out in my car with every portable electronic device that I own. It’s a glamorous life I tell ya.

The food poisoning/mystery bacteria was quickly knocked out with the magic anthrax killing antibiotics from the doctor. Thank you modern medicine and good health insurance. What has not been knocked out however, is my fractured foot. I don’t go back to the doc for that until Feb 2nd. Until then I have decided to stop being such a rebel (read stupid) patient and use my crutches as much as possible. This pains me but I have got to get past this as soon as possible. I go from being “ok, I’ve got a plan, lets do this” to “I hate all runners and people who can walk properly”. I keep getting emails and various other reminders about races I can’t do and hearing that so and so ran x miles and is doing this or that race, blah blah blah and I just want to spit. The recently purchased Road ID and Garmin are buried in my underwear drawer cowering in fear. Mature? No. Me being honest? Yes. Sue me. Btw, I sold my 1/2 marathon entry to a friend of a friend but will have to endure going to pick up the packet myself and handing it over. Insult to injury. But, such is life sometimes I suppose. Bleh. Maybe tomorrow will be another upbeat, positive, I got this kind of day.

My big event for work I mentioned in the last post? It was a huge success! People actually showed up, were extremely interested and asked a ton of questions. Two hiccups…one of my main speakers was about 20 minutes late and about gave me a heart attack. And I got locked out. Other than that, perfection. Said speaker is notorious for being late but I didn’t know that. We opted to start without him and hope he showed up in time to give his talk. I made a last minute decision to man the main entrance to help latecomers find the room and when Mr. Tardy arrived I practically shoved him down the hall. This turn of events caused me to get locked out of my own event. After a certain time, the doors of the venue automatically lock. I knew this but did NOT know that the inside set of double doors also locked. I was caught between them and knew I was screwed when I heard the “click”. I couldn’t do anything but stand there and hope someone would come looking for me. Luckily, in a few minutes someone who happened to be working late came out and I squeezed past them and managed to attend the last half. Ha. All’s well that ends well though right? I even got one of those emails from the boss cc’ed to everyone thanking me and telling me I did a great job. I’m not used to that sort of open appreciation from a supervisor and its pretty cool. I feel like I’ve proven myself to many in the department and that’s a good feeling. Now on to the next challenge!

I was going to tell you all about kiddo and The Accountant’s pretend camping adventures this weekend, and events planned for next weekend, but the carhops are starting to look at me in annoyance so I’ll save that for next time.

I can’t make this stuff up

14 Jan

So now I have food poisoning or some sort of bacteria infection according to the doctor’s best guess. The night of The Stress Fracture Debacle I did the head in the toilet thing for a bit. I thought I had just stressed myself to the point of illness but then other things began to occur (I will spare  you the details) and The Accountant really wanted me to go to the doc. I did, and am now on some antibiotics that say they will fight bacteria as well as lessen the effects of anthrax. Again, not kidding.

My initial mental anguish over the foot has abated somewhat. I mean, I’m not shallow enough to wallow in self pity forever ya know. I just have to get it out of my system before moving forward. A big thank you to my friends who have been great and have known just when to say supportive things and when to stay silent to avoid my fists of fury as mentioned in the prior post. I may or may not be watching too much Ku Fung Panda with kiddo. Anyway.

Confession. I am not doing so well with the crutches. Believe it or not, I have never had to be on crutches before in my life and seriously, I can’t do anything with those things. I can’t carry anything, can’t go down stairs, can’t get anywhere faster than molasses, can’t stay vertical.  Ha. Maybe I’ll get better with practice but I’ll sheepishly admit to you that they are currently leaning up against the wall in the garage. I know this is not in my best interest for healing as quickly as possible so I will do better I promise. Don’t lecture me. Fists o’ fury, remember?

I will be investing in some padded booty shorts (aka biking shorts but that’s not as fun to say) and will begin haunting the gym again next week. I think I have acquired a used bike to use at home so I hope to have that soon. I also plan to use this time off from running to strengthen my core and upper body. So there. A plan. I haz one.

In other news, kiddo and I met up with a potential new babysitter this afternoon and will meet another in the next couple of weeks. The Accountant and I have decided to make it a priority to go out with friends more, as well as have more date nights. The girl I met tonight seemed great. College student with babysitting experience (and references), very sweet and engaging with kiddo. We’ve been invited to dinner with friends in a couple of weeks so that will be her trial by kiddo fire I guess.

My big work event is Monday night and I’m nervous of course. Hoping people show up, hoping my speakers don’t talk over the audience’s heads, hoping I don’t say anything stupid. Lots of hopes. After this event, there are some new things coming up at work that I’m pretty excited about…moving to a new office, a new project I’ll be working on, a trip to Boston in March…that kind of stuff.

It’s now 4:49 am and kiddo has just been up for her nightly cover check. I’m heading back to sleep if I can. Tomorrow is a big day. The Accountant and I are getting the oil changed in our cars. Woot. #sarcasm

i want to beat something with my crutches

12 Jan

I’m a mess, angry and dejected. Ever since hearing this afternoon that I have a stress fracture in my cuboid bone I’ve alternated between severe pissivity and extreme doldrums. Both involve mass amounts of tears.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to sign up for my first half marathon this April and how pumped I was to have been running consistently for the past nine months and improving distance and pace. For the record, I hadn’t even worked up to running over 5 miles at a time and my pace was averaging about 11:30 so I don’t feel that I went out “too hard and too fast” or over trained. If you say anything of that nature to me I will punch you in the face. Both of my fists are still in working order.

Regardless of any progress I’ve made thus far, I’m now staring at the crutches leaning up against the wall and will have no need anytime soon for a regular shoe on my right foot since it is encased in an aircast for the duration. I’m upset about the half marathon that I won’t be running, yes. But I’m more upset about the progress in my running that I’ve worked so hard for all going down the shitter. I had been semi-content riding the bike at the gym for the past couple of weeks, convinced it was for the short term and that the MRI would show nothing other than the need for new running shoes and maybe some inserts. Not a fractured foot that will have me out of commission for weeks or months.

I know I will have to regroup and come up with a Plan B but right now, I am going to wallow. I know there are babies starving in Africa and people dying every second of some malady or other. I know that my stupid foot is a First World Problem. But until I figure out a First World Solution, I don’t want to hear about running, read about running, watch running on tv, or even SEE anyone running. Call me if you’d like to run the Country Music Marathon in April and you can have my bib. I’ll even throw in the t-shirt. Oh, and you get a cool medal if you finish.

Turning comments off because I don’t want sympathy or a lecture. Just to rant.

going nowhere but sweating like I am

2 Jan

Just an update…So, I DID make it to the gym and snagged the last available bike. I felt like a complete dork because that’s not usually my exercise machine of choice but I think I might have liked it. I definitely felt the burn and worked up a nasty sweat. Rode a smidge over 10 miles and it felt great! So here’s to spinning my wheels. And really bad jokes.

Random kid pic: I’m not sure what kiddo is doing here but it made me laugh.


back to it

2 Jan

Today was my first day back at work in what seems like ages. The holidays were great (minus that whole foot incident) but they seemed to drag on forever. I was actually quite glad to come back to work today. Weird for me, but good. I’m in the throes of planning and marketing an event and am trying to look like I know what I’m doing. I’ll be a nervous bird about it until it’s over. Just so you know.

I’ve packed a gym bag and the plan is to make friends with a stationary bike this afternoon. We’ll see how that goes but I know that I cannot sit around moping about this forever. I can lift weights, bike, use the rowing machine, the elliptical (maybe) if I’m feeling froggy, resistance band and on and on. I am not limited and have to stop thinking that I am. Best case scenario is that at next week’s doctor appointment he’ll say the MRI was clear, that I’m a crazy person and to get back at it. The good news is that being bummed out has caused me to not want to eat and I’m down about 10 lbs. Yeah!

And now my brain is blank again.

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