back to it

Today was my first day back at work in what seems like ages. The holidays were great (minus that whole foot incident) but they seemed to drag on forever. I was actually quite glad to come back to work today. Weird for me, but good. I’m in the throes of planning and marketing an event and am trying to look like I know what I’m doing. I’ll be a nervous bird about it until it’s over. Just so you know.

I’ve packed a gym bag and the plan is to make friends with a stationary bike this afternoon. We’ll see how that goes but I know that I cannot sit around moping about this forever. I can lift weights, bike, use the rowing machine, the elliptical (maybe) if I’m feeling froggy, resistance band and on and on. I am not limited and have to stop thinking that I am. Best case scenario is that at next week’s doctor appointment he’ll say the MRI was clear, that I’m a crazy person and to get back at it. The good news is that being bummed out has caused me to not want to eat and I’m down about 10 lbs. Yeah!

And now my brain is blank again.

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