I can’t make this stuff up

So now I have food poisoning or some sort of bacteria infection according to the doctor’s best guess. The night of The Stress Fracture Debacle I did the head in the toilet thing for a bit. I thought I had just stressed myself to the point of illness but then other things began to occur (I will spare  you the details) and The Accountant really wanted me to go to the doc. I did, and am now on some antibiotics that say they will fight bacteria as well as lessen the effects of anthrax. Again, not kidding.

My initial mental anguish over the foot has abated somewhat. I mean, I’m not shallow enough to wallow in self pity forever ya know. I just have to get it out of my system before moving forward. A big thank you to my friends who have been great and have known just when to say supportive things and when to stay silent to avoid my fists of fury as mentioned in the prior post. I may or may not be watching too much Ku Fung Panda with kiddo. Anyway.

Confession. I am not doing so well with the crutches. Believe it or not, I have never had to be on crutches before in my life and seriously, I can’t do anything with those things. I can’t carry anything, can’t go down stairs, can’t get anywhere faster than molasses, can’t stay vertical.  Ha. Maybe I’ll get better with practice but I’ll sheepishly admit to you that they are currently leaning up against the wall in the garage. I know this is not in my best interest for healing as quickly as possible so I will do better I promise. Don’t lecture me. Fists o’ fury, remember?

I will be investing in some padded booty shorts (aka biking shorts but that’s not as fun to say) and will begin haunting the gym again next week. I think I have acquired a used bike to use at home so I hope to have that soon. I also plan to use this time off from running to strengthen my core and upper body. So there. A plan. I haz one.

In other news, kiddo and I met up with a potential new babysitter this afternoon and will meet another in the next couple of weeks. The Accountant and I have decided to make it a priority to go out with friends more, as well as have more date nights. The girl I met tonight seemed great. College student with babysitting experience (and references), very sweet and engaging with kiddo. We’ve been invited to dinner with friends in a couple of weeks so that will be her trial by kiddo fire I guess.

My big work event is Monday night and I’m nervous of course. Hoping people show up, hoping my speakers don’t talk over the audience’s heads, hoping I don’t say anything stupid. Lots of hopes. After this event, there are some new things coming up at work that I’m pretty excited about…moving to a new office, a new project I’ll be working on, a trip to Boston in March…that kind of stuff.

It’s now 4:49 am and kiddo has just been up for her nightly cover check. I’m heading back to sleep if I can. Tomorrow is a big day. The Accountant and I are getting the oil changed in our cars. Woot. #sarcasm

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