in which i tell you what’s up

At this very moment I am “stealing” wi-fi from my local Sonic. These days its good business to ask “would you like free wi-fi with your tater tots”.  To be fair, I did buy food here (which I regret now but tomorrow is another day, another pound, so whatever). Kiddo would not take a nap today and I was going stir crazy which translates to me getting snappy with everyone so I’ve made an escape for a little while. Enter Sonic and me hiding out in my car with every portable electronic device that I own. It’s a glamorous life I tell ya.

The food poisoning/mystery bacteria was quickly knocked out with the magic anthrax killing antibiotics from the doctor. Thank you modern medicine and good health insurance. What has not been knocked out however, is my fractured foot. I don’t go back to the doc for that until Feb 2nd. Until then I have decided to stop being such a rebel (read stupid) patient and use my crutches as much as possible. This pains me but I have got to get past this as soon as possible. I go from being “ok, I’ve got a plan, lets do this” to “I hate all runners and people who can walk properly”. I keep getting emails and various other reminders about races I can’t do and hearing that so and so ran x miles and is doing this or that race, blah blah blah and I just want to spit. The recently purchased Road ID and Garmin are buried in my underwear drawer cowering in fear. Mature? No. Me being honest? Yes. Sue me. Btw, I sold my 1/2 marathon entry to a friend of a friend but will have to endure going to pick up the packet myself and handing it over. Insult to injury. But, such is life sometimes I suppose. Bleh. Maybe tomorrow will be another upbeat, positive, I got this kind of day.

My big event for work I mentioned in the last post? It was a huge success! People actually showed up, were extremely interested and asked a ton of questions. Two hiccups…one of my main speakers was about 20 minutes late and about gave me a heart attack. And I got locked out. Other than that, perfection. Said speaker is notorious for being late but I didn’t know that. We opted to start without him and hope he showed up in time to give his talk. I made a last minute decision to man the main entrance to help latecomers find the room and when Mr. Tardy arrived I practically shoved him down the hall. This turn of events caused me to get locked out of my own event. After a certain time, the doors of the venue automatically lock. I knew this but did NOT know that the inside set of double doors also locked. I was caught between them and knew I was screwed when I heard the “click”. I couldn’t do anything but stand there and hope someone would come looking for me. Luckily, in a few minutes someone who happened to be working late came out and I squeezed past them and managed to attend the last half. Ha. All’s well that ends well though right? I even got one of those emails from the boss cc’ed to everyone thanking me and telling me I did a great job. I’m not used to that sort of open appreciation from a supervisor and its pretty cool. I feel like I’ve proven myself to many in the department and that’s a good feeling. Now on to the next challenge!

I was going to tell you all about kiddo and The Accountant’s pretend camping adventures this weekend, and events planned for next weekend, but the carhops are starting to look at me in annoyance so I’ll save that for next time.

One thought on “in which i tell you what’s up

  1. Hahaha I love that you got locked out. Im so bummed about your foot. I know not nearly as bummed as you are… but still. Love you.

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