a list: foot date dance travel haircut

  • Doctor appointment (again) two weeks ago. X-rays showed no change in the foot but it was feeling some better so as of this past Friday I had permission to start weaning off the boot a little bit. Back for more x-rays in two more weeks. It’s sore and although I am walking a bit better, I really can’t imagine being able to run on it without pain. One day I guess I’ll look back on this and it will be no big deal but as of now I’m sick of it. I found my Garmin while cleaning  this weekend and I flipped out. At this point I’m just plain angry. And over it. I’ve fallen off the gym and eating healthier wagon, as I tend to do. I’m still 10 pounds down from December but just kind of don’t care anymore. Stupid runners and their races and their stupid….running.
  • The Accountant and I had a lovely night out last night. The “new” babysitter came for round 2 and since kiddo announced this morning that “Lindsey is my best friend”, I guess that’s working out quite famously. Hubs and I went to dinner and round about town, then to BB Kings for some good music and people watching. 2012’s Mission Monthly Date Night is progressing fantastically (is that a word?)  so far.
  • Kiddo is signed up for dance classes, hence the tap shoe pic in the previous post.  Ballet, tap, jazz dance classes start in a couple of weeks and she’s pumped. Who knows if she’ll like it or not but I’m glad she is enthusiastic about trying new things. After this, maybe another round of swim classes, or more dance, or gymnastics or fencing or something. Kidding people. I’m not “that” mom. But whatever she shows interest in, we’ll pursue and try, within reason.
  • I’m in vacation planning mode and hope to book next week for the spring. Hello beach time. They’ll be some travel for work in the next few weeks as well. A short term pacifier for my wanderlust. I was a hobo in another life. The Accountant mentioned returning to Paris for our 15th Anniversary. Sans kiddo. Mom, are you reading this? We’ll need a babysitter for about a week solid in 2014. I’d like to book now please.
  • Kiddo’s first haircut ever. Documented below. And by the lock of hair and receipt I have in a plastic bag in a drawer in the kitchen. Mom’s do weird and creepy things.


2 thoughts on “a list: foot date dance travel haircut

  1. a vacation sounds great right now! we went to sandpiper beacon… is that the name? in panama city last year. While not the condo we had a suite and loved it. there was something different going on every day and most of it was kid friendly. just a cheesy fun vacay spot.
    loved bb kings as well when we went, did y’all dance?

    1. Yeah, that’s the name of those condos. Cool! Haha, no dancing occurred at BB’s…unless you count chair dancing. 🙂

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