weather madness

Today has been interesting and its supposed to get more so later this afternoon and tonight.  Impending storms, tornadoes, crazy winds, flooding…Armageddon basically, if you listen to the Weather Channel. Not that I’m not taking it very seriously. We don’t play when it comes to tornadoes down here. I have our “safe room” ready (although pretty basic supplies, and yes that is a helmet for kiddo) and kept kiddo home with me today to have her with me at all times and to avoid being on the roads. I’m hoping that everyone has a safe night and this nasty weather doesn’t get as crazy as they are predicting.

Other than weather madness, its been a great day. Kiddo was super excited when I told her that she’d be spending all day with mommy. We have decorated and baked cookies, played hopskotch, had an epic pillow fight while pretending to be tigers, watched some tv, played ball, danced, had tickle fights and have generally acted like fun loving fools. She even went down for a nap (hence why I am able to write this). I have Beauty and the Beast and microwave popcorn all ready to go for movie night, if the power stays on and we aren’t hunkered down in the bathtub.


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