1:21 am heartburn

I have a kickin’ case of heartburn and can’t sleep. I woke up feeling like my tongue and throat were swelling up. Weird right? So I googled side effects of my new meds and fought back the urge to call 911. Seriously people, don’t try to self diagnose via the internet because it will scare the heck out of you. I decided to blame the mouth/tongue weirdness on the heartburn because I don’t feel like being seen by paramedics in my sock monkey pjs. Anyway, I finally found a bottle of Rolaids in the back of the medicine cabinet with an expiration of 2010 but I took some anyway. Desperate times and all. But as a night owl friend just told me “its tums/rolaids, not steak, you’ll be fine”. Thanks for that.

I should really do something productive during times like these. Cleaning my closet actually crossed my mind but I’m chalking that thought up to late night heartburn induced insanity and quickly grabbed the laptop instead. And here I am. Thrilling isn’t it?

Today was nice, a full day at home since my little jaunt up north. I worked quite a bit today and tonight even though it was my day off. I’m finding myself being pretty productive with the new MacBook work provided for me. Although I’m not sure being that connected to the office at all times is particularly healthy but sometimes you just gotta.  Kiddo really missed me and has been very clingy which I don’t mind because I missed her like crazy too.  She got out of bed for lame reasons at least 4 times before finally settling in to sleep. Her last brilliant attempt at stalling bedtime was because she just HAD to tell mommy that her “hair was crazy”.  Yep. That’s my child for sure. I brought her back an airport play-set from Boston, which she loves, particularly the airplane. I’m trying to prep her for her first flight ever next month. Ramble ramble ramble.

I have decided a couple of things. I guess I’m taking mental notes for my future therapist. Or maybe I’ll just show them this blog and/or my other writing where I’m a bit more crass.  Anyway, that’s not what I’ve decided. One thing is that I have issues with food. The other is that there are triggers to my moods. I suppose these are obvious but its not something I’ve actually written down or defined before. I’ll have to think about this some more later. For now, I think the 2010 Rolaids are helping a smidge and I can lay down again.

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