I'm going to kiss you tomorrow! A couple of things I heard this weekend that have been pertinent and have stuck with me...this one from a wise friend's tweet..."he who angers you, controls you"...and that oldie but goodie, "Living well is the best revenge." Peacing out.  

i’m not gonna lie

  Today blew chunks. And the weekend can't be over fast enough. Given a choice, I'd sleep my way through it and the next three weeks and only wake up to go on vacation. But instead I'll have to settle for something nice and distracting to do for the weekend. Maybe a trip to Chattanooga... Continue Reading →

Good day, Bad day

Like Good Cop, Bad Cop. But not. I can feel it coming on. My chest tightens, seizing up. Shallow breathing, head throbbing. I thought I had a good handle on the week. And then today something in my head reversed and I'm angry and eating entire packages of Chips Ahoy again. Hello fat ass and... Continue Reading →

Today….did NOT suck!

Ok, honestly today kind of did, but yesterday was good. TheĀ  Accountant's birthday was yesterday but we were too tired to celebrate much. Poor guy. Tax season is killing him and I've been immersed in federal grant land for weeks. But we have a sitter lined up for tomorrow night so we'll do something in... Continue Reading →


Just saying hi to the internets after being woken from a sound sleep for a kiddo cover check. Like ya do. Ohmahgoodness...just remembered a dream I 90 year old grandma was singing kareoke (a Heart song) at her weird... Carry on about your sleeping...

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