two things happen when you go to bed at 8:30…

…you write your bizarro late night blog posts at the early hour of 12:30am and you analyze an art heist that happened 22 years ago.

Today/yesterday/whatever has been good and bad. Kiddo had her first Easter egg hunt ever today after church services and totally killed it. She was VERY serious about the egg hunting business. You would have thought she was searching for the secret of life out there on that playground, she was quite thorough. Heh. That’s my girl. Anything for the candy. Part of which mommy may or may not have eaten for dinner but that’s neither here nor there. You know, you think rock bottom is sitting in a random parking lot eating a box of Swiss Cake Rolls, all the while berating yourself for doing so, but then you find yourself tip-toeing into the kitchen after everyone is asleep and picking through your child’s Easter booty looking for Reeses Cups to eat in bed. And you realize, that maybe the parking lot Little Debbies episode isn’t so bad after all.

But about that stolen artwork…I had the opportunity to attend a swanky event at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum a few days ago. It was quite beautiful and lovely, the perfect place for a fairytale wedding with a historic artsy theme, if you’re into that. But was interested me more was learning that the largest art heist in history happened here in 1990. You can read about it here, here and here. Go ahead I’ll wait, its really quite interesting in that film noir, art caper, whodunnit kind of way.

Art heists have always intrigued me as a romantic type of crime, if there is such a thing. Its also a very selfish one, as the thieves aren’t just stealing from the museum, they’re stealing from all of us. But still, you gotta hand it to them, you have to be pretty gutsy and creative to figure out how to breach museum security and walk out with famous paintings by the likes of Rembrandt and Degas. And then, what do you do with them? You can’t just unload them on eBay. Its the stuff of foreign films and fast European cars. It’s fascinating to me.

The Gardner museum has done a pretty cool thing and left the blank places on the walls where the artwork used to be. It’s a constant reminder of what happened and shows hope for their eventual return. Of course, I had to be a smarty pants and say to the guard on duty, “this didn’t happen on your watch did it”? He gave me a dirty look. Some people just don’t get my snark, art museum guards being just one of many.

You know what’s funny? That Easter candy gave me heartburn. I’m sensing a pattern.

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