Today….did NOT suck!

Ok, honestly today kind of did, but yesterday was good.

The  Accountant’s birthday was yesterday but we were too tired to celebrate much. Poor guy. Tax season is killing him and I’ve been immersed in federal grant land for weeks. But we have a sitter lined up for tomorrow night so we’ll do something in honor of his big day. Although, truth be told, I think we’d really prefer a nice long uninterrupted nap. Being an adult bites sometimes.

BIG NEWS PEOPLE…2 things actually…first and most importantly, I’m going to be an Auntie! My little brother and his wife are expecting their first! Kiddo will have a first cousin! I will have a niece or nephew and I will be the COOLEST, HIPPEST Auntie Finn EVER!

Secondly, I went to the foot doc again and…drum roll please…I am cleared to start some light jogging! I had prepared myself to be ready for him to tell me that I could start walking for exercise, so to hear the word “jogging” at all was unexpected and I thought I was going to cry for real. He even wrote me out a little exercise plan. I can’t run a marathon or anything but if all goes well, I should be 5k-ing it again in a few months. Except, get this…I’m scared to run/jog now. I’m so afraid I’ll re-injure it. I am never happy. But the plan is to go for short walks for the first week or two to get my road legs back and then I’ll bravely reenter the world of running. Me so happy! Oh wait, I just said I was never happy…How about “Me so bipolar”! (I’m not bipolar, that I know of btw, not that there’s anything wrong with that of course but just to clarify…ok, carry on.)

So as you can see, things are looking up and I am cautiously optimistic. I’m always tentative though (which is a shame) because I know that with one trigger I can crash again and be back in Depression-ville. One thing that bugs me is that I let external things control my brain when I should focus more on my internal self and the blessings that I have. All fodder for a future therapists I suppose. Speaking of that, I went and had an assessment/pre-therapy meeting last week and got referrals for a few to try out. I’ll take that step next week. And if you were wondering, the assessments I took said I was “extremely depressed and moderately anxious”, both of which need immediate treatment. Ha! Like we all didn’t know that. Shocker.

I’m  out.

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