excuse me sir, why are you smelling that rug?

  • My workplace is very culturally diverse and I consider myself an open-minded person. So I’m not sure why the first thought that came to me when I saw a man kneeling on a little rug in the elevator foyer was to wonder why on earth he was smelling the floor. No no Finn, he was kneeling on a prayer mat facing Mecca. Sometimes our brains remain stuck in little boxes regardless of where we are.
  • There’s something comforting, if very suburban about the sound of the lawn sprinklers hitting the gutters at 5am on a summer morning.
  • I’m wearing wedges today for the first time since The Foot Incident. I’m just so tired of wearing tennis shoes every day. They don’t exactly go with my work wardrobe, and wearing athletic shoes with skirts is Just.So.Wrong. But anyway, back to the wedges. I feel like I’m walking awkwardly. And I might have twisted my ankle on the good foot and nearly busted my butt on the walk from car to office. And I also might have scraped the top of the bad foot with the refrigerator door after putting my lunch inside. There will be a bruise. And soreness. More soreness. Flippin’ Fiddlesticks.
  • I will jog/walk two measly little miles this afternoon if it kills me. Did you hear me foot and lungs and legs? It is happening.
  • The vacation I am taking in 2 weeks was approved today and I got a stellar job evaluation. I win! And I like using the word “stellar”. Maybe because it reminds me of this. Minus the R.

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