My Mom….Rawkin’ My Socks Since 1975

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet and spunky mom! When you see my mother, you’ll see a little sprite of a woman, probably rushing to class (although I have never personally witnessed this but am told it happens), reading a book, grading papers, drinking coffee, or writing something clever, witty and touching. But don’t let the small stature and intellectual nature fool you people. This … Continue reading My Mom….Rawkin’ My Socks Since 1975


I want to write something here tonight for some weird reason, but I don’t know what. I can be so bizarre. Tonight was nice. I met up with some dear friends and met a couple of super cool ladies for dinner and bowling. I have not been bowling in years and I’d forgotten how much I like it. I’m really bad at it but its … Continue reading hmmmm.


I thought I was once a confident, secure, and driven person. What the hell happened to that girl? I thought as you got older that confidence and self assurance tended to strengthen. That regrets faded. That you became more comfortable in your own skin. That you stopped squirming internally because you don’t like what you see in the mirror and feel about yourself. I always … Continue reading backasswards

dot dot dot

I have decided that the narrator’s voice on House Hunters International is hypnotizing/soothing and that she should be one of the options on my Relax and Sleep app. She’d be my first choice of sounds to fall asleep to, right after the chanting monks. Who should I contact about this? I’m in that pre-vacation fog that I get into a couple of weeks before we … Continue reading dot dot dot

my day. for lack of a better title.

I’m up entirely too late but that seems to be my pattern lately. I fell asleep on kiddo’s floor for an hour or so earlier but it doesn’t feel like I got any snoozage at all. And, hello sore hips. Let’s see…what happened today besides the torturous beeping…which finally stopped by the way. I think there is some button you have to push on some … Continue reading my day. for lack of a better title.