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my day. for lack of a better title.

1 May

I’m up entirely too late but that seems to be my pattern lately. I fell asleep on kiddo’s floor for an hour or so earlier but it doesn’t feel like I got any snoozage at all. And, hello sore hips.

Let’s see…what happened today besides the torturous beeping…which finally stopped by the way. I think there is some button you have to push on some contraption in that mysterious room to make it stop. I need to figure that out stat. A new project at work is coming up that I hope I can rock the socks off of. I sometimes find it hard to get motivated to make concrete progress on things at el jobbo. I’ve analyzed this (come on, you knew I would) and I’m pretty certain its because I’m afraid I’ll suck at it and fail miserably. Which is illogical because I’m not prone to failing miserably anywhere but in my head. Generally speaking. Ok, 70% of the time.

Speaking of analyzing…therapy session #3 will happen tomorrow. I kind of dread it because I am predicting a cryfest of epic proportions. And various person’s ears may fall off from all of the burning. I’m still on the fence about the whole therapy thing but am going to give it an honest shot. Its just so odd to me. An odd experience. I have to trust this stranger with my deepest darkest secrets and hope that she doesn’t judge me or write a tell-all book and make a zillion dollars off of the fascination which is my life. (Snark people, that was snark) So I don’t know if this is a long term thing or what at this point. I think I will put off all weighty decisions until after my zen time at the beach since I plan on returning home full of clarity and sensibility. Ha.

I had a lovely lunch today with a sweet friend. We went to a fun local joint and then for a long walk in a favorite neighborhood. It was most pleasant, as time with this person never fails to be. It was also a welcome respite from the clutter in my head lately. There was talk of running together in the future, which whether or not comes to pass, its quite nice to think about. Especially when I outfit Sweet Friend with some of those 80s, er, I mean vintage, terrycloth wrist and headbands. I remember having a red, white and blue striped set of those myself back in the day. And now I’m just giggling because that visual is dang funny. Heh heh.


beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeep

1 May

There is an incessant beeping across the hall. It has been going for an hour now. I work in Hogwarts. I really do. There are all these mysterious labs with bizarre instruments and chemicals and fluids and god knows what all. Outside one door down the hall is a brick covered in aluminum foil that looks like its been there since the 80s. Why would you cover a brick with aluminum foil? There are people in white coats carrying bottles and tubes and using dry ice, which I’ve always found to be creepy anyway. There’s this one lady who goes into the beeping room quite often with a cart full of glass instruments and she’ll be in there singing/chanting in a language I don’t understand (so basically, anything besides English). Posters adorn the hallways with charts and symbols and long words, in English I presume but I still have no idea what they say. How did I get hired here again?


Hogwarts, yep.

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