beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeep

There is an incessant beeping across the hall. It has been going for an hour now. I work in Hogwarts. I really do. There are all these mysterious labs with bizarre instruments and chemicals and fluids and god knows what all. Outside one door down the hall is a brick covered in aluminum foil that looks like its been there since the 80s. Why would you cover a brick with aluminum foil? There are people in white coats carrying bottles and tubes and using dry ice, which I’ve always found to be creepy anyway. There’s this one lady who goes into the beeping room quite often with a cart full of glass instruments and she’ll be in there singing/chanting in a language I don’t understand (so basically, anything besides English). Posters adorn the hallways with charts and symbols and long words, in English I presume but I still have no idea what they say. How did I get hired here again?


Hogwarts, yep.

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