dot dot dot

  • I have decided that the narrator’s voice on House Hunters International is hypnotizing/soothing and that she should be one of the options on my Relax and Sleep app. She’d be my first choice of sounds to fall asleep to, right after the chanting monks. Who should I contact about this?
  • I’m in that pre-vacation fog that I get into a couple of weeks before we go to the beach. I can’t concentrate (what’s new there?) and am just getting really excited about several days of ocean time.
  • Kiddo stuff: Tomorrow is her last dance class. Sad but hello free Saturdays for a while. And she has been asking to get her ears pierced for two days. About the ear thing….I always said I’d never do it until she could ask for it herself (meaning I think piercing a baby’s ears is a bit much since that’s a decision they didn’t make). But come on, I honestly didn’t expect her to ask until she was 9 or 10! Next she’ll be wanting a tattoo. Like mother, like daughter.
  • Our house is a complete train wreck right now. The laundry…ohmahgoodness, the laundry. I’d post a pic but my mother would die of embarrassment. Its like Mount Everest on the couch and is spilling over onto the coffee table and floor. I’m a crappy housekeeper anyway but even I think its time for a major housecleaning day. Which I think The Accountant and I have deemed will be tomorrow.  Yay Saturday fun.
  • In other Life in Suburbia news, our ridiculously massive lawn mower is in the repair shop and they can’t even look at it until next week. The lawn is looking much like the laundry pile, out of control. We’re having that taken care of tomorrow as well though. We live in squalor up in here. Ha. Hardly. I know how blessed I am and am very grateful.
  • To that last point, while I am grateful and blessed, I sometimes resent being made to feel guilty for having nice things. The Accountant and I have worked very hard to get where we are today and neither of us came from privileged backgrounds by any stretch of the imagination. We have what we have via luck and hard work. I suppose that is a very Republican point of view but you know what? Sue me.
  • Oh looky, it’s 2:10 am. Somehow I spent the hours of 9:30-1:00am on the floor in kiddo’s room. Again. My hips hate me. But I so love watching her sleep and falling asleep myself tends to happen.
  • Bonne nuit!

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