cough hack sputter

Its after midnight and my poor kid is laying in a bed in a hotel room coughing her sweet lil’ head off. Of course, I can’t get her to take a drink of water and so the blessed silence continues juuuuuuust long enough to get a good doze on, and then COUGH COUGH COUGH SPUTTER SPUTTER HACK. I feel bad for her, for both of us and our sad state of sleeplessness. But, there are way worse things and I was smart this time and passed out with her early (after paying $8 for an episode of Super Readers and Arthur) so at least I have 3 hours of solid sleep under my elastic waist pants. Win.

Sidenote: I feel a touch of sinus drainage mixed with a smidge of a sore throat and if I am sick just in time for vacation I will cry unabashedly.

Today has been exhausting and tomorrow will be more of the same. Worth it however, to visit my parents today and grandparents tomorrow, er, today. I always try to cram too much into one or two days. You’d think I’d learn huh?

Is it possible for your butt to be sore from bowling? Because I think mine is.

Oh wait a minute…I think its been a while since the last coughing fit…Dare I seize the opportunity and try to go back to sleep? CARPE DIEM!!! Or something.

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