My Mom….Rawkin’ My Socks Since 1975

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet and spunky mom! When you see my mother, you’ll see a little sprite of a woman, probably rushing to class (although I have never personally witnessed this but am told it happens), reading a book, grading papers, drinking coffee, or writing something clever, witty and touching. But don’t let the small stature and intellectual nature fool you people. This lady is a firecracker and if she gets riled, it is a sight to behold. I love that side of my mom. The one who just cannot stand to hold her tongue any longer and once that point is reached, will leave shocked faces in the wake of her pointed, and sometimes unexpected opinions. Personally, I think she should let that lady out more often.(My father is cringing right now, I’m quite sure).

I like to think I get my sometimes sharp tongue (and getting sharper with age) and opinionated, yet reserved nature from her. I know for a fact that I get my scatterbrainedness (where in the heck ARE those keys anyway??? did I leave the oven on or not?? oops, totally forgot to pay that bill!!) from her. I love that trait as well.  I tend to believe its an endearing quality, although the men in our lives might disagree as it oftentimes falls to them to keep us on track and our heads out of the clouds.

I am pretty sure she is enjoying the fact that I now have a little one of my own. One who, like I did at her age, won’t allow me to pee by myself, gets me up at all hours, can’t keep a pair of white lacy “church socks” clean to save her life and doesn’t really care to, and has both endearing and maddening quirks of her own. It’s so surreal and lovely to watch my daughter and my mother together. Hilarity often ensues. The latest was a rousing 42 games of Hi Ho Cheerio between the two of them on the living room floor, followed by some violent kung fu fighting using lace doilies as a form of nunchucks. That last one was just…I don’t even know. I mean how do you describe kung fu fighting with lace doilies anyway? Is that even possible? Hilarity I tell you.

My mom is not perfect I’m sure. But she is to me. I love you mom.

2 thoughts on “My Mom….Rawkin’ My Socks Since 1975

  1. Awww…thanks! You’ve always rocked my socks too. And it’s true that the electric meter guy was approaching the house the day the bathroom window was open and I yelled at your two-year-old self, “Can’t you let your mother pee in peace!?” Or some such words as that! I’ve always wondered if he heard and what he thought about the goin’s on in our house.

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