mommy stuff

So yeah, we’ve been on vacation for several days and are just now getting back into the routine of real life. Sort of. We had a great time at the beach (pictures forthcoming if I can ever get them all downloaded). Kiddo really made great process with her swimming and got braver with each day. She had a blast and couldn’t wait to get to the beach and pool every day. We also found a couple of great amusement parks with rides that she loved. Oh, and it seems that my kid loves shopping for clothes too. YES! Mommy and kiddo are gonna have a blast in a few years.

Today was kiddo’s first day back at daycare and it was a very rough morning. She sometimes does this thing where she is stubborn, disagreeable and just plain grumpy. She can’t communicate what she needs, feels or wants and then she gets frustrated, thereby making mommy frustrated and the whole day falls apart. I need to figure out how to handle it better when she does this. I’m not proud of how I handled it today which consisted of basically telling her to figure out how to pick up her own pancakes with the fork and then left her to sob over this conundrum while I showered. In the instant it takes her to have a melt down, she gets sweet again and melts my heart. I think children are aliens sent here from some twisted galaxy just to mess with us and make us crazy.

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