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paranoia and good things

30 Jun

I am the champion of all things paranoid. Or something like that. Life is really good right now and I sometimes feel like I’m teetering on a tower of blessings and good things that will sooner or later, topple to the ground when something bad happens to disturb it. And I wonder if I’m jinxing it by even writing this. See? Paranoid. I am enjoying my job immensely and that, my friends, has NEVER been the case for me. Home life is good, family life is good, friend life is good, social life is good, etc etc. I am a lucky girl.

Nothing is perfect of course and I have some inner conflicts that have been there for a while but those are easy to push aside and ignore for a bit. Otherwise though, good stuff is going on. And yet, there is that nagging in the back of my brain because you never know when things are going to turn. A local blogger who I don’t know personally, only though mutual friends and the powers of social media, recently had unexpected tragedy strike with the loss of the love of her life. I can’t imagine how to deal with something as horrible and shocking as that and it scares the heck out of me. Even though I don’t know her, I’ve been thinking about her a lot and wishing her strength and some form of peace.

I know you can’t live life dreading things that may or may not happen. The lesson is one we hear all the time; live one day at a time and treasure each moment to the fullest. Cliche isn’t it? But relevant and true.

A limerick for my husband on our 13th anniversary!

26 Jun

There once was a boy named Billy
He married a girl who was silly
They had a daughter called Sam
And he stopped eating ham
It’s been thirteen years now, no really!

Like I always say, I love you more than cake!  Happy Anniversary baby!

crazy busy fab weekend

24 Jun



Yep. See title of this post. It was just that. Perhaps I shall recap it for you later. Or maybe just show you this picture of me making a bizarre face.

what a difference a day makes

23 Jun

That title applies to many things recently but I’ll keep it to post-op issues here. Bottom line, I’m feeling a million times better. Mouth is still sore but no need for the big gun pain meds as Advil is working pretty well. I had my first solid food today, a turkey dog and it tasted like heaven. I’m cautiously optimistic even though the surgical assistant chick said that some people have some swelling and pain issues on Day 5 for some weird reason but we are just going to assume that won’t happen and carry on about our bizniz.

The quote below has nothing to do with the paragraph above but I like it a lot.

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

– Jim Morrison

22 Jun

I want my mommy.
That is all.

punched in the face

21 Jun

Lovely isn’t it?

Surgery today included a tissue graft from the roof of my mouth sewn onto the lower gum line. Hello mouth full of blood and stitches. Sedation didn’t happen as my vein was being ornery so I got the gas and lots of numbing shots. KFC mashed potatoes and gravy for snack, ice cream is happening for supper. Ice pack applied, pain meds taken.

Back to bed go I.


19 Jun

What are those nuts called that are shaped like kidneys? I like those. And peanuts. Peanuts are my favorite. Almonds I will tolerate but they don’t really do it for me. I just ate this and it was good. I had a turkey sandwich, baked Lays and an apple for lunch. Exciting noms no?

Stuff is happenin’ around here. Tomorrow I’m moving into a new office space that is a vast improvement aesthetically over my current digs. I’ll be able to see the state capital building and half of town from my window. I am slightly worried that the Zone Out Factor will be high in the new place though. My Zone Out Factor is high enough already but with an actual view, well, this could be trouble. I’m willing to chance it however.

I’m having some scary oral surgery on Thursday. All things dentists, oral surgery and messing with my teeth related are scary to me. I have the option to be knocked out completely during the procedure or just get the gas. I asked if they could prescribe Valium if I opted for the gas but then I decided, dude, you are NOT a good dental patient, get yo’self knocked out! So that is what I am going to do. Some things you just don’t want to remember right? The surgery is a weird tissue grafting thing. I have some bad gum recession in the lower front portion of my mouth so they are going to take some tissue from my inner cheek and graft it onto my gums and somehow attach it. Ugh. I don’t even want to know what they are going to do. Thus the blessed anesthesia. Wish me luck. And send drugs.

I’m going to see the jewel that is Norah Jones in concert this weekend and I’m super pumped. She reminds me of Audrey Tautou. Such adorable pixies they are. But Norah’s voice…it washes over you like chocolate syrup in the summertime I swear. Its going to be quite dreamy I just know it.

The Accountant and I will celebrate 13 years of wedded bliss on the 26th. Did you hear me people? THIRTEEN YEARS!!! How did this happen? When did this happen? Who cares, I’m just glad it did! I’m gonna give him a big ol’ smooch for putting up with me for that long. Actually, longer since we dated for over three years before taking the official plunge into the pool of matrimony. I can’t quite wrap my head around it but a couple of thoughts come to the surface. One, I am freakin’ OLD. Two, I am immensely lucky. I will lavish more praise and adoration on the hubs next week so stay tuned for more mush gush. Gack! Get a room.

The Offspring has decided that she wants a car for her birthday. To drive. Around town. On the streets. She will be four. Can you outsource parenting because I may need this option soon. She also wants to be a pony when she grows up. Direct quote.

I had one of my infamous stranger than strange dreams last night. A bunch of friends from high school and I decided to go to the beach. There was an island not far away that you could fly to so we decided to take a day trip. I over packed. Like, a lot. I threw every item in my suitcase all over the floor of the house/airport and they got all mixed up with the owner of the house/airport’s clothes and we were running late for our flight so I was trying to sort clothing and repack my suitcase. I was frantic and my friends were exasperated. We missed the flight. Then there were all kinds of subplots and romantic triangles and trapezoids. Just to spice things up. I miss those kids.

Speaking of, my bestie texted me today while in the hair salon to tell me that she thought of me and was getting her hair chopped off and red highlights put in. I was so proud! What an influence I have right? Pshaw. Whatever I can do to improve the hairdos of the world folks, I’m here for you.

The End.

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