paranoia and good things

I am the champion of all things paranoid. Or something like that. Life is really good right now and I sometimes feel like I’m teetering on a tower of blessings and good things that will sooner or later, topple to the ground when something bad happens to disturb it. And I wonder if I’m jinxing it by even writing this. See? Paranoid. I am enjoying my job immensely and that, my friends, has NEVER been the case for me. Home life is good, family life is good, friend life is good, social life is good, etc etc. I am a lucky girl.

Nothing is perfect of course and I have some inner conflicts that have been there for a while but those are easy to push aside and ignore for a bit. Otherwise though, good stuff is going on. And yet, there is that nagging in the back of my brain because you never know when things are going to turn. A local blogger who I don’t know personally, only though mutual friends and the powers of social media, recently had unexpected tragedy strike with the loss of the love of her life. I can’t imagine how to deal with something as horrible and shocking as that and it scares the heck out of me. Even though I don’t know her, I’ve been thinking about her a lot and wishing her strength and some form of peace.

I know you can’t live life dreading things that may or may not happen. The lesson is one we hear all the time; live one day at a time and treasure each moment to the fullest. Cliche isn’t it? But relevant and true.

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