We may have made our last trip to the aquarium today. At least until kiddo turns 10 or so. We took her there about a year ago and she was a bear. Not a good time. Today was much of the same but a bit better. She was grumpy and seemingly bored at times. When... Continue Reading →

Crazy busy weekend. Kiddo's birthday party with her cute little friends was a huge success. It was so fun to watch them run around like crazy, having a blast, with not a worry in the world and no clue that they'll ever have one. And the cake, ohmahgoodness how I love me some cake. Grandpa... Continue Reading →

wah wah wah

so i hate it when i stay up too late watching stupid pointless tv and/or staring into space (wow, it occurs to me that i do a lot of staring. hello stinkeye) and then i finally pass out in full makeup and without brushing my teeth so i wake up with my face all greasy... Continue Reading →


It has not been the best of weekends. Kiddo got violently ill on the way home Thursday, requiring an impromptu pit stop along the interstate to clean her up best I could and get home asap. It was gross and pitiful and made me cry when she stared at me with her little lip quivering... Continue Reading →

This was taken by kiddo's bff's mom a few months ago and I think it may be one of my all time favorites of us together. That smile...

you know that feeling when you know you should go to bed because its really late but you don't want to because your mind is whirling and you can't shut your brain off, plus you're not really sleepy and are just in that dreamy state of mind where random bizarre thoughts pop into your head... Continue Reading →

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