We may have made our last trip to the aquarium today. At least until kiddo turns 10 or so. We took her there about a year ago and she was a bear. Not a good time. Today was much of the same but a bit better. She was grumpy and seemingly bored at times. When I asked her tonight what her favorite thing was about … Continue reading

Crazy busy weekend. Kiddo’s birthday party with her cute little friends was a huge success. It was so fun to watch them run around like crazy, having a blast, with not a worry in the world and no clue that they’ll ever have one. And the cake, ohmahgoodness how I love me some cake. Grandpa came over today for more birthday fun and Tuesday there … Continue reading

you know that feeling when you know you should go to bed because its really late but you don’t want to because your mind is whirling and you can’t shut your brain off, plus you’re not really sleepy and are just in that dreamy state of mind where random bizarre thoughts pop into your head and you are really considering driving to the airport and … Continue reading