I just made pasta salad and was folding laundry until the internet sucked me in. It’s 4 am. I had a list. You know, a MUST GET THIS DONE ASAP BECAUSE YOU PROCRASTINATED AS USUAL list. And then I fell asleep in kiddo’s floor at 9pm and the next thing I know, well, it’s 4am and I’m making pasta salad and folding laundry. And it’s … Continue reading

i’m awake

Thinking of places I want to go. Daydreaming in the wee hours of the morning while my house sleeps is one of my favorite pastimes you know. Wondering about that whole “everything happens for a reason” bull crap. I’ve always been on the fence about that one. At 2:05 AM on August 14, 2012, I’ve decided that its complete B.S. So there. Position taken. Book … Continue reading i’m awake

bullet style

dinner with friends tonight is gonna be great. gimme some guac! kiddo is all about gymnastics with the olympics. she does a killer routine on the bed in her pull up and wins gold from mommy every time. work is going so well i’m scared to even talk about it. i am really liking my job a lot. we have the most amazing new vacuum … Continue reading bullet style