i’m awake

Thinking of places I want to go. Daydreaming in the wee hours of the morning while my house sleeps is one of my favorite pastimes you know.

Wondering about that whole “everything happens for a reason” bull crap. I’ve always been on the fence about that one. At 2:05 AM on August 14, 2012, I’ve decided that its complete B.S. So there. Position taken.

Book club tomorrow and I’m not sure I’ll make it. I’m out of the office the rest of the week and am behind on a ton of things that need to get done before I leave. But semi-creative, helpful-to-humanity type things so its ok and I feel good about it.

I’m leaving for Las Vegas on Wednesday. Just for a few days. That town is crazy, but a little crazy is good for the heart, in my opinion.

And, as never fails me, some good brain purging via the keyboard is good for insomnia.

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