mish mash

  • BFF from high school coming to town tomorrow. Looking forward to hanging with her. It’s been ages and ages. We are opposites so it will be interesting.
  • That whole “It Takes A Village” thing? B.S.
  • My gramma moved into an assisted living facility Friday. It was time but still, its kind of sad.
  • I just painted my nails and did a really horrible job. Its ok though because I plan to blame it on kiddo.
  • Politics makes me sleepy. Thus why I have CNN on right now.
  • I’m walking a 1/2 marathon next weekend. I have no business doing this.
  • Kiddo can now write her name. And tonight she asked me what rhymes with “poopy butt”.
  • I like Wolf Blitzer’s glasses. Reminds me that I need new ones.
  • Dangit, I forgot to pick up my meds at the pharmacy today.
  • I want to go to a roller derby bout. This will happen.

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