So, this happened last weekend…My first 1/2 marathon! Successfully completed with great friends. I really can’t believe how much fun I had with these girls and am so lucky to be able to share this accomplishment with them. We walked it and ran a bit here and there and finished ahead of our projected goal. I was pretty sore for a couple of days afterwards but nothing major. Well, except for my bum foot. That has been acting up again since the race and I won’t be doing the 1/2 I had scheduled in a couple of weeks. I’m disappointed but I know its the smart thing to do.

I feel re-energized about running/walking/jogging/waddling, albeit getting back into it very slowly so as not to hurt the foot again. Stupid injuries. I have a couple of fun 5Ks next month that I’m excited about. One is a Halloween race that I’ll be doing with kiddo, in costume. Stay tuned…

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