I’m on a short fuse today for one reason or another. Its Sunday, so by this time every weekend I’ve responded to 20 gazillion calls of “mommy mommy” and my patience is taxed. I know that I am kiddo’s whole world at this stage in her life so I try to keep perspective and channel my inner Zen. Its just….eh, whatever.

Moving on.

People really don’t want you to question things do they? What they really want is for you to agree with them. What’s really meant is “sure, question all you want as long as your final conclusion is the same as mine, which is the one and only right way of thinking of course”. And ya know what, that’s fine if that’s how it is but lets call a spade a spade, just be honest and say so and don’t try to act like you’re pro free thinking because you are so not. Also, don’t tell me what my kid can and cannot wear on Halloween or who to vote for.

The End.

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