i do stuff, i just don’t write about it

This blog and I haven’t been on speaking terms for about a month it would seem. Which is kind of nice in a way because it means I’ve been too busy actually living life to take time to write about it. Or, more likely it means that I am lazy. At the moment I am using this space as yet another means of procrastination for some work I’ve brought home for the past 2 weeks and still haven’t completed. Not cool people, not cool.

Thanksgiving was pretty rad. We escaped to the mountains for a few days and after a bit of a rocky beginning, ended up having a really fabulous time. It was great to be able to show kiddo the mountains and have her experience some new things. She is growing up so fast (and I hate it when people say that because its so cliche) and every day she is doing something funny and new and amazing. For all of my frustrations as a mom, boredom is definitely not one of them.

Just saw a commercial for BBQ popcorn that gave me pause. Gross.

My 37th birthday is coming up in a few days and since I’ve spent most of 2012 thinking that I would be turning 38, I should really be pleased that I’ve gained a year of youth due to my scatterbrainedness. I might post one of those navel gazing, reflective, deep thoughts, life progression, thinking about the meaning of it all birthday posts in honor of the big event. Or I might not. Options and choices, options and choices.

I just ate all of my kid’s cheddar goldfish. Oops.

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