stupid brain

So “they” say that a person’s truer personality comes out when they’re drunk/drinking. I agree with that to an extent in that a person’s inhibitions are tossed aside and you might be more outwardly honest (and stupid) in many ways. With that in mind, today I wondered about meds, antidepressants specifically. Am I more closely representing my “true self” while on meds, or while off? Does it matter? Is it an assistance or a crutch?

Sometimes it bothers me that I use medication to handle my depression. Without getting into the society is over medicated debate, why isn’t the un-medicated me good enough? Why do I need this assistance to keep my moods relatively stable and irrational emotions in check? Am I that messed up that I need synthetic brain altering? It would seem so. That thought alone is freaking depressing! Irony is a fickle beast.

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