this is not a cheesy post about 2013

because i hate cheesy posts about past year reflections, looking ahead, yada yada yada. and yet, i feel compelled to say something in that vein. i got out one of my many journals tonight and couldn’t bear to look at past entries as i didn’t want to taint 2013 with tired and old negativity. i am one of those diary-keepers who tend to pick up pen and paper and vent to the universe when things are not going well, when i’m depressed, sad, or otherwise in a bad way. thus i have destroyed many a journal full of pissing and moaning.

instead i didn’t think too much about it, i jotted down things as they came to mind. a brainstorm of intentions for the future, if you will. so here we go.

learn to relax, be healthy, be happy, have fun, live my OWN life, care less about what people think, be my own person, do my best in all things, write more, bitch less, try to find contentment and fulfillment, try new things, fear less, do more, love yourself, know that you are worth it, remember that “life is short, and the world is wide” (Simon Raven), travel at every chance you get, discover YOU.

this list scares me but i have good intentions and a good heart. i know i do.

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