Thank God for Rocks, Butts, and Dora the Explorer

I found this post in my Drafts and am not sure why I never posted it. It made me laugh tonight so I’m sharing.

The scene:
Kiddo’s bedroom just before sleepy time. Kiddo is in bed and mommy is sitting on the floor beside her. They are playing “The Thankful Game” in which each tells the other three different things they are thankful for.

Mommy: I’ll go first. I am sooooo very thankful for my sweet sweet Kiddo, she is what I am the MOST thankful for in the whole world!

(Kiddo leans over and gives mommy a huge smile, hug, and kiss)

Kiddo: Hmmmm. I’m “tankful” forrrrrrrrr….. (taps finger on chin and looks down at mommy with a sly smile.)

Mommy waits with bated breath and pounding heart, anticipating a sweet, precious, and somewhat cheesy moment of mommy/ daughter bonding and togetherness that she will scrapbook and write about in kiddo’s baby book, if she can find it, and in the morning she’ll get to tell kiddo’s daddy all about how cute it was, and it will be a PRECIOUS MEMORY FOREVER AND EVER!!!!

Kiddo: I’m “tankful” for…..Miss Claire’s ROCKS’SELECTION!!!

Mommy visibly deflates. Kid is thankful for her preschool teacher’s rock collection over her own mother! What the heck?  And how am I supposed to scrapbook THAT???

Mommy: Well, that’s very nice sweetheart and I’m sure Miss Claire’s rock collection is great, geologically speaking and all, but how about you tell me another thing you’re thankful for?


Mommy: Conceding defeat at the hands of Dora’s rocky butt.

Mommy: Well, those are very interesting things to be thankful for honey. I mean, our bottoms are very useful to sit on and shake when we’re dancing to The Fresh Beat Band. And Dora is a very smart, yet delusional little girl with a talking backpack and a primate for a best friend. You could do worse for role models I suppose.

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