trumping tiffany’s

Better than Tiffany's
Better than Tiffany’s

So, today….the first day of 2013. Quiet day with kiddo and The Accountant, for the most part. I got a nice run/walk in this morning before the rain, kiddo and I went to Target for miscellany and then to Jersey Mike’s for sandwiches. I went to a movie by myself. The movie was pretty bad but the alone time was quite nice. The Accountant watched fiscal cliff drama on C-Span while kiddo and I watched Max and Ruby. I imagine both were equally as enthralling.

Sidenote from my recap…It was the cutest thing when I got home…kiddo meets me at the door all excited and wants me to come into my closet because she has something “very exciting” to show me. She had made shoe string jewelry for me with a craft kit I’d picked up for a rainy day. She said she made them just for me because “you don’t have any jewelry” and that I could wear one to work tomorrow if I wanted to, which of course I will do so like they are bracelets from Tiffany’s. She was SO proud and I got all teary eyed. That kid can melt me.

I hope everyone had a lovely first day of the new year. It’s back to work for me tomorrow (er, today) after a long holiday. The post-Christmas blues have taken a firm hold, so I’m not too thrilled about the prospect of returning to reality. I think that’s why I’m up at 1:45am eating kiddos cheddar goldfish. Goldfish are good for stalling. Or something.


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