my next post will be happy, I promise

A dear friend sent this article to me and I wanted to share. I cried and sniffled through it because that’s how I roll. But more than just tear-inducing, I found it to be succinct,  powerful, and more than a little refreshing. Finding God in a Little White Pill It occurred to me that I’ve been posting a lot about depression and sadness and yada … Continue reading my next post will be happy, I promise

check your ambition at the door

So, I’m like the poster child for testing new antidepressants. Bah. I went to the doctor today about some issues with my current ones so we are switching again. Bah. It’s not as bad as it sounds I guess. This is only my 4th kind over many years. That’s not too awful right? Bah. Do you read those informational papers that come with all medications? … Continue reading check your ambition at the door


…of the head. Therapy of the mental sort continues once or twice a month. I just got back from today’s session. I started about a year ago this April. It has been both helpful and confusing and disturbing and unsettling and amazing. The benefits and enlightenment that comes from being able to talk to a neutral party about anything without fear of judgement, being the … Continue reading shrinkage…

I should never cook. Or watch Barbie movies.

That breakfast recipe? It did not end well. I’m going to assume the eggs were bad. And that’s all I want to say about that. Date night didn’t happen, due to the egg episode. Kiddo and I watched a Barbie/PopStar movie instead. I don’t really want to talk about that either. The kidster was being exceptionally sweet and goofy though, and we laughed a lot. … Continue reading I should never cook. Or watch Barbie movies.

I just read this in my journal and it made me cry. Its like I need someone’s permission to be happy…someone’s blessing of sorts. Its so weird. And it makes me angry. Why am I hinging my own happiness on others? Why can’t I make my own way, make my OWN happiness? Is it because I’m a kind person who puts others before myself in … Continue reading