I'm super lucky to have some fabulous friends. This weekend I drove to Cincinnati to meet Nora for a mini weekend getaway. We got a room close to the University and vegged out and had girly time. We ate a lot of junk and laughed a ton. Sometimes a girl's just gotta get away. And... Continue Reading →


...of the head. Therapy of the mental sort continues once or twice a month. I just got back from today's session. I started about a year ago this April. It has been both helpful and confusing and disturbing and unsettling and amazing. The benefits and enlightenment that comes from being able to talk to a... Continue Reading →

fatty fatty loco natty

I ran today - yay. I also ate an entire box of Little Debbie honey buns, two hotdogs, and four pieces of Valentine's chocolates (thanks mom and dad) - boo. Its the week before a certain time of the month (like you want to know that), and I will inhale all things bad for me... Continue Reading →

winning at sick days

Kiddo has a stomach bug so today was a sick day. I just wrote a post to go with this picture about the patience and nurturing of mothers being given out in different size containers and how I only got an 8 oz Mason jar, while others got big ol' five gallon plastic buckets full... Continue Reading →

various things in the morning

What is up with my pants lately? It seems like all of a sudden they are all about a 1/2 inch too short. It looks ridiculous. Can 30-somethings have growth spurts in the upward direction? I know all about the outward growth spurts so maybe that's the cause of this phenomenon with my britches. Screw... Continue Reading →

I just read this in my journal and it made me cry.Its like I need someone's permission to be happy...someone's blessing of sorts. Its so weird. And it makes me angry. Why am I hinging my own happiness on others? Why can't I make my own way, make my OWN happiness? Is it because I'm... Continue Reading →

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