Valentine’s Day. Quit yer whining.

Anti Valentines CatToday kiddo and I made Valentines and then I attempted to get her to nap. No dice. So we went to the grocery store instead and got Super Bowl food (just an excuse to buy junk) and stuff to make Valentine cupcakes tomorrow. Should be fun. And messy. And yummy.

I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater, like many. Of course, these days most every holiday is centered around the offspring but even when it wasn’t, I still didn’t mind Valentine’s Day.

So you’re single? Cry me a river. We all were at one time. All the cheesy love crap make you feel bad about yourself and not -so-secretly jealous? Girl please. As a married chick with a kid, I’m jealous of your free time, your ability to sleep in, the fact that you can come and go as you please, the silence you can enjoy if you want to, etc etc. So lets just call it even on the jealousy thing shall we?

Feel its society pressuring you and your significant other to be romantic? If you’re that sensitive and gullible maybe you NEED a box of creme filled chocolates and some flowers to chill the heck out. Stressed about commercialization of love? Use handmade cards, bake something, just say I love you, be creative and personal. Or don’t. What’s the equivalent of a scrooge at Christmas? Be that guy/girl.

Is it a “Hallmark Holiday”? You bet your sweet bippy it is. Big deal. Celebrate it, hate it, be apathetic or ambivalent towards it. What I’m trying to say is…and it’s rather cliche…don’t get your Hello Kitty panties in a big wad about it. Besides, single or attached, everyone gets to enjoy the 50% candy sales the next day. We all win in the end.

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