various things in the morning

What is up with my pants lately? It seems like all of a sudden they are all about a 1/2 inch too short. It looks ridiculous. Can 30-somethings have growth spurts in the upward direction? I know all about the outward growth spurts so maybe that’s the cause of this phenomenon with my britches. Screw it. Yoga pants for the win.

I started running again. Yes, again. For the gazillionth time. I swear I cannot be consistent with anything except being IN-consistent. But as usual, it feels good so I can’t knock that. Local 5K in March yo. Women’s 1/2 Mary in September.

I have now reached a point in my life where I have a mobile dog groomer come to my house to bathe the pooch. This is new territory and I feel a bit spoiled and a little frou-frou doing it but do you know what a pain it is to get a hyper 90 lb Lab into a Honda Element, out into a busy parking lot and into the back of the grooming place we usually go to?

I’m trying a new breakfast recipe this morning that I got off an app on my phone. Its almost done and I’ll post it later if it turns out ok. This will not help my pants shortening issue I’m sure. Which is why I’m wearing flannal jammies at the moment.

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