check your ambition at the door

So, I’m like the poster child for testing new antidepressants. Bah. I went to the doctor today about some issues with my current ones so we are switching again. Bah. It’s not as bad as it sounds I guess. This is only my 4th kind over many years. That’s not too awful right? Bah.

Do you read those informational papers that come with all medications? You know the ones that list all the possible side effects. Its kind of like trying to diagnose yourself using the internet. Have a scratch on your knee that won’t stop itching? Get thee to a physician STAT for amputation at the hip. Rash on your chest? Your boobs will drop straight off within days. Right eye twitching? Prepare for impending blindness. It will scare the everlovin’ daylights out of you. But today, for some reason I happened to look.

And just in case you get too big for your britches…

GrandNoted. Placing the world domination plans back into the drawer.

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