re-entry plus randoms

IMG_20130522_165136_065Back to work today after what feels like a zillion days off. Productivity was negligible but I considered it a win that I even got there on time. Its the little things sometimes. My brain is all over the place which has never been unusual but it’s especially bad here lately. I’ll do better tomorrow. Honest.

I got up early and ran this morning. So there is that. Morning workouts alleviate guilt. So sez I. Will I do it again? Maybe. I’m not big on commitment when it comes to these things so we’ll see.

Hubs got a new-to-him ride yesterday. I call it his “fancy pants” car. It suits him and I can’t really explain why. I do know that the fancy pants car is way smarter than me.

Oh, I went and saw The Great Gatsby a few days ago. I read the book years ago and hated it. I don’t remember why I hated it exactly, it was just boring and pointless or somehow otherwise unfulfilling. But the movie captivated me and now I want to read the book again to see if I passed unfair judgement on it. The costumes, the scenery, the cars, the colors, the everything about it was glorious. Plus Leo and Toby? Cuuuuuties. It made me want to have lived in New York in the 1920s. Minus all the angsty love stricken drama.

And now it is 9:36pm and I must go walk the dog. Goodnight.

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