Crankypants McGhee

tearIn addition to carrying over some irritability from yesterday afternoon, I also woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. This has made for unpleasantness all around and if I could crawl into a dark cave for days and have no one need anything from me or bother me, I would so do it. But sadly, reality doesn’t always match desire. I am just hopeful that this is simply the doings of that bitch of a scape goat, PMS, and not the beginning of a depressive cycle, which I call going into the Black. I will be cheering for the former…GO PMS GO!!!

It is an extra long weekend coming up when you add in my day off and the holiday. I find long weekends to be daunting sometimes. We have no plans really although I’m sure we’ll find something to do. Yet I can’t help but stress about how I’m going to entertain a four year old for three entire straight days? I suppose that makes me sound horrible. Motherhood overwhelms me so often. Tomorrow I will take her to day care and go for a run I think. Maybe that will clear my head a bit.

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