friends, Jesus + the Burpee catalog, nerdwear, and Frances Ha

A friend and someone I admire very much told me the other day that she loves when I blog because it’s like “getting a hug over the internet”. I’m wondering if she may be reading a different blog because this one can get tedious sometimes. But really? Her comment may have made my day. Friends are kinda awesome. You should totally get some if you don’t have any.

Kiddo began asking very theological pointed questions this morning on the way to school. How did God make Jesus? How did God make himself? Did Jesus make the plants? Does Jesus have a bunch of seeds? How did God make humans? Is God human? Did God make cars? Does God make houses? What about rocks? Whew. I did my best y’all. Oh and this one…she says “I know who the best mom in the world is…Earth Momma…she keeps us all safe”. Wha??? Thanks, hippie preschool teacher.

I ordered some new glasses yesterday. And contact lenses. And prescription sunglassesnewspecs1. I should just get lasik and get it over with huh? I haven’t had new frames in years so yay, new specs! Very classy-sexy-klutzy-nerdy-librarian-scientist I think.

I’m going to see Frances Ha tonight at our local indie theater. I was all like “yeah sure I’d like to go” and then I watched the trailer and now its more “I am SO excited to watch this cute clumsy quirky chick do her thang in Brooklyn”. Here’s the trailer, check it. I’ll let you know if its as enchanting as it looks to be. Disclaimer: I tend to like weird strange quirky movies


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