Life isn’t like the movies, and how do babies get outta there

Frances Ha. 9 out of 10 stars.

At first I found the dialogue a bit disjointed and awkward but I don’t know if I just got used to it or it appealed to me more after it settled in my brain after sleeping on it. Shot in black and white, it was lovely to look at and Greta Gerwig made the movie work I think. Her character was awkward, clumsy, free spirited and just plain lovable. I mean, she pirouettes across the streets of New York and uses a credit card she got in the mail to go to Paris for a weekend, what’s not to love? As my fellow viewer said, you just have to root for her. She was just wacky. I like wacky. Kudos Frances, kudos.

Continuation of kiddo’s hard questions…”how do babies get outta there”? Well, I told her. Not my wisest mommy decision I’ll admit. I don’t think she’ll be scarred for life though but really, I should have said something other than that the doctor cuts the baby out of the mommy’s belly or the baby comes out the mommy’s hoo-hah. Dumb dumb dumb. True, but dumb. It didn’t occur to me that she doesn’t have the knowledge of how the baby gets in there in the first place so she was afraid that she’d just wake up one day with a baby in HER belly and have to get it out in one of the ways I’d quickly mumbled to her. Once I realized her tearful angst I quickly distracted her with Skittles. Like all mom’s do in a bind…bribe with candy. Better strategy next time mom because the truth ain’t always the way to go.

The End.

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